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Junior High School (grades 6 to 9)


Secondary level - Collège – from grade 6 to grade 9 - “Le Brevet”


From 11 to 15 years old, students attend lessons taught  by specialist subject teachers (French, Mathematics, English, German, Spanish, Biology, Physics, Chemistry, Social Science, Technology, Sports, Music and Arts) among whom one is their homeroom teacher.


The educational system has for rule to guarantee that all students acquire a common trunk of competencies and knowledge in the following seven domains :

     - the French language

     - one other foreign language

     - mathematics and sciences

     - humanities

     - information and IT

     - social sciences and civics

     - autonomy and initiative spirit

Grade 9 students take a national written exam called “le brevet” whereas the daily achievement of each student in this class level is evaluated in addition to  written tests taken in French, Mathematics, History, Geography, English level A2 (following the European reference of knowledge) and  IT including the use of Internet.



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