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Senior High School (grades 10 to 12)


Secondary level – Lycée – from grade 10 to grade 12 – “Le Baccalauréat”


Students who plan to apply at a school of higher learning or a university will study at the Lycée and decide in grade 10 , according to their interests and capabilities, if they will later opt for a general scientific, economic or artistic orientation, or if they will shift to a vocational orientation.

For a vocational shift, students will enroll in a technical or vocational Lycée.

The French School Lycée caters only to students who opt for the general orientation who, at the end of grade 10,  decided to continue in grade 11 either with a scientific section S (mathematics, physics, chemistry, biology) or an economics section ES (economy, history, geography) or a literary section L (litterature and languages).

Students start preparing the Baccalauréat exam in grade 11.

In grade 12, the students take the Baccalauréat which is both the award for their completion of secondary education and a passport to higher education (university) either in France, in the Philippines or any other country.



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