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Educational System


Ecole Française de Manille belongs to the network of the Agency for French Education abroad (AEFE) which regroups around 430 educational establishments worldwide.

These schools provide an education which is in conformity with the curricula, educational objectives and rulings of the French Ministry of Education. The education dispensed by Ecole Française de Manille strictly respects national programs, examinations and diplomas just like in France from pre-school to the end of grade 12 (Baccalauréat).

The teachers, who are mostly all recruited abroad and graduates of the French educational system, regularly attend seminars and professional trainings organized by AEFE in Asia and this guarantees the excellence of their teaching following new trends and in conformity with official programs.

Manila students follow the same curriculum as in France with special openness to the language and culture of the host country with reinforced study of the English language and introduction to Philippine and Asian cultures such as in Social Sciences and/or other subjects which are highlighted by the Asian environment.

At the end of grade 12 , students take the baccalauréat. The excellent results obtained (100% success for the last 6 years) are the best proof that the education dispensed at Ecole Française de Manille is indeed excellent.


Historical value

As an inheritance from past centuries and philosophers, the French educational system emphasizes the importance of educating enlightened citizens through its public education. Public schools play a primordial role in the construction of the French national identity, it is an integration tool, a source of cohesion aiming to provide each one with equal opportunities in life.



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