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Working at the French School



The French School (EFM) has been sharing its campus named the Eurocampus, with the German School (DSM) since 1991.  

In 2003, both schools decided to further reinforce their link and established the European International School, Inc. (EIS) .  All common areas are therefore jointly used and this sharing defines the educational project embodied by EIS.

More than 260 students are presently enrolled at the French School from Preschool to Grade 12.  Students represent more than 15 nationalities - around 45% are French/Filipino, 20%  French, 15% are Filipino,  and the rest is covered by other nationalities . 

The European International School  "Educational Plan of Action" for the years 2008-2011 was approved last January 2008 by the School Council.  It emphasizes the teaching of the English language, in accordance with the European linguistic chart of reference.  A European section in the secondary level and  bilingual classes in Preschool have been implemented.

Life at EIS is defined by Common Rules, a shared school calendar, common extra-curricular activities and the teaching of languages organized by levels of competency.



A child enrolled at the French School must be guaranteed success in his/her studies in a multi-cultural environment with an international dimension.

In order to reach this goal, dynamism, motivation, flexibility and availability are of utmost necessity.


Working conditions

The French School is affiliated with the AEFE (Agence pour l'Enseignement Français à l'Etranger) .  Under the supervision of the Cultural Counselor of the French Embassy in the Philippines,  it is managed by the Headmaster, the Administrator and the Board of Directors with 11 members elected yearly from the members of the Association of Parents.

The French School Manila is a section of the European International School (EIS) which is managed by a Joint Advisory Committee (JAC)  including representatives of the French School and German School Boards of Directors.



The French School Manila 

is currently looking for




No job vacancy for teachers  on July 16th , 2013


Pour  tout poste sollicité, merci de suivre la procédure indiquée dans la version fançaise du site. Dossier à compléter et à faire parvenir au chef d'établissement à :




The European International School (EIS) of Manila is currently looking for an




EIS, located in Parañaque, is a multicultural school offering educational programs in 3 different languages (German, French and English) for around 600 students, age 3 to 18 years.


The coordinator of the extra-curricular activities of EIS will be responsible for:

Organization of extra-curricular and sports activities in coordination with school officials:

·         Between 10 and 15 activities with around 300 kids attending (age 6 and up),

·         In charge of selection, planning and promotion of the activities,

·         Responsible of the enrolment process of the students in the activities

·          Organize competitions/events outside the school.

Management of equipment and security:

·         Equipment’s control and inventories,

·         Elaboration and improvement of health and security procedures of activities

Management of coaches:

·         Recruitment, assistance and evaluation of coaches for activities especially in matters of Health &Safety, in accordance with school rules....

·         Analyses, evaluates and identifies areas for improvement of the activities.


Develops and monitors the budget and respects internal control procedures


·         Management of communication with the main parties (parents, school officials, student and coaches),

·         Spearheading of all appropriate events (sport tournament, exhibition….),

·         Elaboration of a communication plan to promote EIS through its Extra Curricular Activities.



Individual looking for new challenges

University graduate (Management)

Capacity for organization and coordination

Very good communication and inter-personal skills

Good knowledge of office software

Fluent in English


Professional experience

2 to 5 years of experience in management.

Some experience in management of sports / cultural events or activities would be an advantage.


Full time position

Under the direct supervision of the DAF of EFM and the Administrator of GESM.


If interested, please send your resume to and accompanied by a motivation letter.









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